Our Creative Self in Digital World

CREATIVITY: in digital world is as all time high as never before version has a new surprise for the modern age as we see it touching new highs. A fresh set of IT instrument or a gadget is old within a month and more painfully sometimes old by next day. A new set of information, usage and application of products are emerging with millions more users ready for the experience.

Students (1st to 12th Class)

Our distasteful position in this emerging digital community is “I don’t know what I don’t know” and this circle expands if we do not know the new discoveries. With the growth in technology, there is need for daily use and technical sense among children to remain familiar when they post comment or discuss about digital technology. They must know how to handle each and appropriate solution to every online situation and share among friends to remain confident always.


Teachers face the challenge of queries: All students with different exposure to digital learning. The challenge: Creating awareness during growth; clear vision to reach his/her goal; enthusiasm to achieve growth.
Digital community: We are now in the digital world and our aspirations are with the digital community where comes:

  • A set of opportunities and responsibilities
  • A sense of facilitating others also; legal governance.
  • Continued use of acceptable use policies to work up friendly atmosphere.

Our Digital Community

Indian0: is digital social project that holds the promise of preparing the upcoming individuals for the digital life ready with digital profile. India only is the one that was considered underdeveloped a decade back but has the distinction of contributing 0 to the world calculations. Once again this www.Indian0.com has the promise of giving that experience to its users that will shape into a series of planned progress experience. Transform the life into a continuous process of developing phases to shine out in the next era of digital world with www.indian0.com


All school resources build the children to face greater challenges of developing world and personal life. Digital developments are those changes which are going to have continuous effect on all facets of life. Schools/organizations may take the load of translating the change into daily actions of life. We've come to accept that the only thing that is constant in this age is 'change'. But we sometimes are unable to devote enough time to think about 'managing change'. Manage the perception: Many people see change as something that just happens, something that's "done to them" without their consent and control. School culture may lead to awareness about change: some people are comfortable with change than others.


From I KeepSafe's perspective, we are pleased that the study confirms that parents play a key role. Children, whose parents make an effort to limit media-use means that when parents get involved in setting limits and controls over the child’s use of media, they spend less time on their computers, playing video games and watching television.

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