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Trace Every Breath, Live After Death...

In this Digital Era, let's preserve and schedule our lifetime events, ideas, memories and precious data digitally and feel the power to access the same under highly secured infrastructure. Enlighten your kids future with Artificial Intelligence enabled module which helps in analysing overall performance in different situations.

This reaffirms our concept of Indian0 Trace every breath, Live after death, where one can actually schedule every single second of life and preserve it for the rest of life and even afterlife.

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Connect to Memories from your Generations. Preserve your memories.

Discover memories from your family members or belongings. Preserve your own memories in any format for your generations with Mr. 0. Power-up the bond between family members and peers.

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Indian0 helps you find memories globally and numerous records were saved every hour. Start searching for any message that someone might have left for you.

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Discover how?

You are not alone. Discover how?

Start preserving your memories, data in desired format to your own personal digital space. You may discover the new untold messages by your family members or friend or even strangers. Get free email alerts for the Record Matches revealing new connections.

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Indian0 Community

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Mr. 0 helps people via Indian0 to preserve the memories in any format. Join the community to discover any story someone left for you. There is always a possibility with the countless records.

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Your Story, Your Data, With You, Everytime

Stay connected with the huge repository preserved by you anywhere anytime. Access Indian0 database using any device. Enjoy a enchanting ride to your past and plan your future with Mr. 0.

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Who is Mr. 0?

Helping hand to preserve one's dreams, ideas and heritage.

Contributor towards an Digital India Initiative.

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