Indian0 allows to preserve and schedule one’s lifetime events, ideas, memories and precious data in any format digitally which one can be accessed under highly secured infrastructure from anywhere.

One can share the data with the highest security for the given time period. AI module enabling individuals to monitor the overall performance of the kids by analyzing their interest, qualities and behavior towards any scenario.

Enough of those social media platforms where everything is public and show business. We are neither competing with any social media platform nor we are competing with social media. But we believe it’s about privacy and preservation of dreams and ideas, that deserves to be preserved for our generation and loved ones

Let’s explore what you can do with Indian0 Platform

Data Preservation

Data Accessibility

Lifetime Event Scheduler

AI For Kids

Data Sharing & Security

Live Afterlife - Become Immortal

Don’t miss any important date or occasion in your life again. Take advantage of Lifetime Scheduler where you can schedule digital messages in your predefined timestamp with your dear ones

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