A Digital Portfolio is a revolutionary future-ready product that helps you to create a holistic view of the profile that includes your professional, academic, and personal achievements under a single roof. The portfolio can be shared with anyone with a single click. Simply, it helps you land your desired job by drafting a perfect and crystal clear picture of you among the recruiter by making you a smart job seeker.
Yes, you can add data in any media format, including text, audio, videos, images, infographics, case studies, pdf, etc. This is what makes it a completely unique and future-ready product.
Yes, we will be helping you in creating your Digital Portfolio from scratch. You will be able to explore available tutorials in the form of Video, PDF, and FAQs in your dashboard. For any queries, you can always reach out to Mr. Zero @ [email protected].
Yes, you may find other platforms offering a basic version of an online resume, but Digital Portfolio by Indian0 is a next-gen portfolio that makes you future-ready. Some of the top features are:
- Industry benchmarked resume format
- Personalized URL and QR Code
- Easy to document achievements in any media format
- 100 % secure and easy to share at a single click
- Dedicated blogging central
- Awesome data security and privacy features (share on your own will and for a certain time interval)
Subscribing to Digital Portfolio is a one-time investment, but you need to renew it every year in case you wish to make regular changes in your portfolio. You pay only when you update, else it’s a one-time fee for lifetime service.
The basic cost of a Digital Portfolio is INR. 5,000 for a year. Currently, it is getting available at a huge discounted fee of INR. 1,500 only. Use coupon ZERO70 to avail 70% discount during checkout.
Digital Internship at Indian0 is completely a recreational experience as compared to that with other companies. Some of the top differentiators are:
- Transparent dashboard access with learning activities
- Reward points against each learning activities which convert into incentives
- Masterclasses, Events, and Live Campaigns
- No dummy tasks, all live project learnings
- Conversion of paper resume to a Digital Portfolio
- Pre-placement offers and Job opportunities
Yes, you need to subscribe to the Digital Portfolio first in order to enroll for the Digital Internship. Also, you can take advantage of earning via a digital internship dashboard for an entire year even after the completion of the program.
Yes, you will be able to get some fixed and performance-based stipend. Every step and activity will reward you with incentives. Fix-stipend can also be there, based on certain targets and achievements.
Yes, you may experience learning multiple subjects after enrolling in a Digital Internship program. All you need to do is request to change the subject to Mr. Zero on [email protected].
Yes, you will be eligible for pre-placement offers and job opportunities at Indian0 and partner companies.Best performing candidates will have higher chances of securing the desired offer.
First, you need to subscribe to the Digital Portfolio, after which you will get free enrollment to the Digital Internship program into your favorite subject.