Digital Internship in Entrepreneurship

Indian0 offers you a wonderful opportunity to start your career as an Entrepreneur by learning Entrepreneurship Skills, including business management, teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking to name a few. The knowledge you will gain during the digital internship with Indian0 and the support you will gain from your network can help you avoid mistakes and achieve your career goals faster.

What you’ll learn?

  • Business management
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Communication and listening
  • Customer service
  • Financial management
  • Analytical and problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic thinking and planning

Spend your summer gaining entrepreneurship skills at the comfort of your home. Entrepreneurs are doers, so we’ve designed each day to be hands-on, different and fun. During the Virtual Entrepreneurship Internship, make friends, earn money, and build your network this summer with the “Be Your Own Boss” “Be Future Ready” Internship. A fun, interactive experience, this work from Home Remote Internship in Entrepreneurship will give you the skills you need to take control of your future and succeed in the 21st Century.

Successful entrepreneurs often cite their network as the secret to their success. Be Your Own Boss helps you build your own network, connecting you with other hardworking peers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

During this COVID-19 Crisis, we care about your health and well being. Our Digital Internship in Entrepreneurship, Digital Internship in Human Resources, Digital Internship in Business Development, Digital Internship in Digital Marketing, Digital Internship in Sales & Marketing are and will continue to be VIRTUAL and REMOTE so you can continue to gain skills, experience, and knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Stay Super Safe!

Understanding the basics of being an Entrepreneur

Understanding the Mission, Vision of being an Entrepreneur

Hunting success partners or a team who a success

Explore Options to Start your own business using 2 options:

Start learning business establishment with 0 investment

Start learning business establishment with some initial funds (Indian0 is going to give virtual funds)

Developing various product knowledge presentations for the public interest

Generating the need for the product in the market

Financial management and planning

Business success mantra

Monika Konathala

Indian0 has provided really great opportunity for numerous students to comprehend skills and whoever is curious to learn new things during this lockdown by just sitting at home. I am sure that the experience I am gaining from here will surely help me to build my interpersonal skills and develop my portfolio. Overall it's a very great ongoing experience with Indian0.

Vikas Joe

Activities of Indian0 helps in enhancing communication skill, writing skills, video making and most importantly boosting our confidence level. I’ve successfully used it several times in my internship. I am doing a digital internship with Indian0 during this pandemic in the domain of entrepreneurship.
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  • Masterclasses 10+
  • Live Campaigns Yes
  • Duration 3 to 6 Months
  • Students 500+
  • Assessment Yes