Digital Internship in Sales & Marketing

Indian0 offers you the best platform to showcase and upgrade your sales and marketing skills. With the Sales and Marketing Internship at Indian0, you would get real experience by accumulating actual data and evidence.

What you’ll learn?

  • To grow your professional network and also learn marketing and other required skills from industry experts.
  • Boost your confidence, improve your communication and PR skills.
  • Developing a good understanding of the company product and services and work culture to maintain good relations with the prospects.
  • Generating the need for the product in the market to increase overall sales.

Career path you may choose

  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Strategist

Gain the extra edge in your career with our Internship in Sales and Marketing. Our virtual sales marketing internship is designed for students, graduates and young professionals who are seeking a career-relevant experience that will enable them to build cross-cultural intelligence and in-depth insight into global markets.

If you’re looking to gain practical sales and marketing experience without leaving your home, then this internship is perfect for you. Our Work from Home Remote Internship in Sales Marketing offers placements in a wide range of industries, interning in a role that is customized to suit you.

During this COVID-19 Crisis, we care about your health and well being. Our Digital Internship in Sales & Marketing, Digital Internship in Digital Marketing, Digital Internship in Human Resources, Digital Internship in Business Development, Digital Internship in Entrepreneurship, are and will continue to be VIRTUAL and REMOTE so you can continue to gain skills, experience, and knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Stay Super Safe!

Understanding the basics of digital marketing including social media marketing

Understanding the Mission, Vision of Indian0

Hunting business association or a team for the product expansion

Developing various product knowledge presentations for the public interest to target the audience

Generating the need for the product in the market

Product selling and promotion

Connecting to various educational and noneducational groups for product promotion and selling
Project Management

Organizational Structuring

Teamwork & Collaboration


Customer/ Client Service & Relations

Communication & PR

Rounak Tripathi

I am doing a digital internship with indian0 in the field of Marketing and Sales. My experience of learning with indian0 in the digital internship is totally amazing. As we all know without Sales & Marketing, a company is nothing. Honestly, it is a very good platform where we learn all the skills, roles & responsibilities of Sales & Marketing and indian0 gives us an opportunity to work digitally in every possible way.

Shruti Sahu

I am currently doing a digital internship with Indian0 in the field of sales and marketing. Actually, I gained knowledge about its flagship product digital portfolios from Indian0 and I'm sure the future World will become in the digital format I feel that the digital internship is something different from others.

Vivek Tomar

In my domain, I get to know about its flagship product digital portfolio which is very useful for managing personal, professional, and academic records. I also get to learn about Facebook marketing in my masterclasses and explore my sales skills. Overall it’s been a great experience and learning curve for me.

Riya Tiwari

Completing an internship is a valuable link to a graduate job and will help you develop the skills employers want. Undertaking an internship or work placement will give you the skills that graduate recruiters look for. I am doing a digital internship in Sales & Marketing. I got to know about Digital Portfolio and learn how to makes sales pitch. Highly recommend it to everybody.
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Preview this course

  • Masterclasses 15+
  • Live Campaigns Yes
  • Duration 3 to 6 Months
  • Students 1000+
  • Assessment Yes