Digital Internship Program

Industry-ready virtual internship that enables you to learn in-demand skills that meet specific career development and employability goals.






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Successfully Complete A Remote Internship at Indian0

Human Resource

Human Resources (HR)

Pre-placement Offers, Jobs

Learn how a company functions its hiring and overall employee development, training, retention, and engagement process.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Pre-placement Offers, Jobs

Learn new era ethics of Digital Marketing that helps you in strategizing branding solutions to attain desired objectives.

Business Development

Business Development

Pre-placement Offers, Jobs

Learn business development practices from industry experts while developing a good network with the prospects and enhance your leadership skills.



Funding available

Learn Entrepreneurship Skills, including business management, teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking that help you avoid mistakes for your own startup.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Pre-placement Offers, Jobs

Showcase and upgrade your sales and marketing skill sets by practicing hard-core sales. Get real experience with handsome incentives.

Why Learn with us?

Indian0 is an AI-enabled digital platform that helps in the overall career development cycle with a digital internship in various subjects.

Learning is Rewarding here

Unlike other unpaid internships, your journey with us will be completely rewarding

Experiential Learning With Experts

Learn everything you need to escalate your career and secure dream job

Future Ready

Experience the power of Digital Portfolio and progressive learning to empower your career

Enroll Today to become Future Ready

Enroll today to save 70% on Digital Portfolio and Get Free Enrollment into Earn While Learning Digital Internship Program.

Transform your career to become future-ready.

Still Not Sure? Explore FAQs

Digital Internship at Indian0 is completely a recreational experience as compared to that with other companies. Some of the top differentiators are:
  • - Transparent dashboard access with learning activities
  • - Reward points against each learning activities which convert into incentives
  • - Masterclasses, Events, and Live Campaigns
  • - No dummy tasks, all live project learnings
  • - Conversion of paper resume to a Digital Portfolio
  • - Pre-placement offers and Job opportunities
Yes, you need to subscribe to the Digital Portfolio first in order to enroll for the Digital Internship. Also, you can take advantage of earning via a digital internship dashboard for an entire year even after the completion of the program.
Yes, you will be able to get some fixed and performance-based stipend. Every step and activity will reward you with incentives. Fix-stipend can also be there, based on certain targets and achievements.
Yes, you may experience learning multiple subjects after enrolling in a Digital Internship program. All you need to do is raise a request to Mr. Zero on [email protected] to change the subject.
Yes, you will be eligible for pre-placement offers and job opportunities at Indian0 and partner companies. Best performing candidates will have higher chances of securing the desired offer.
First, you need to subscribe to the Digital Portfolio, after which you will get free enrollment to the Digital Internship program into your favorite subject.

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