Evolution Of Digital Portfolio- A Journey From Paper Resume To Visume To Digital Portfolio

We constantly hear the term Portfolio, and we even know that it has now become a ubiquitous assessment for students and working professionals. But, do we know from where it has come?

The etymology of the word ‘portfolio’ derives from the Italian word ‘portafoglio’, which means carrying a case or folder for keeping loose papers and pictures. It was first started by the Italian artists and architects who used to keep their samples of works. Over time, the advancement of technology has influenced the scope of carrying a portfolio, from a paper to a video resume, and finally shifted to keeping a portfolio digitally.

Let’s know how a portfolio evolved over time.


Paper Resumes have been invented long years ago where information relating to an individual, including his work experience, education, professional achievements, etc. is crafted on a paper.

The first step for any job applicant to get hired is crafting the best resume to put a good impression on the employer. Earlier, the traditional paper resume was so much in trend when you are about to enter a corporate sector all you need is a paper resume having the complete details of your accomplishments.

Moreover, the number of pages can be increased depending on the number of achievements you have made. However, crafting a prominent resume is very crucial to get the dream job in a dream company. Sometimes, these long and formal-looking traditional paper resumes end up at the bottom of the pile, while the more creative ones get noticed.

However, keeping a traditional paper resume has been blurred over time because of the continuously changing pattern in the format of the industry and the inability to make amendments in the existing paper resume. As soon as you have printed out the final version of the resume, you can’t make any amendments. So, if you found any slight error in your paper resume, you have no other option but to correct it and print it again, which takes more time and effort. Considering all these factors, it became difficult for the traditional paper resume to maintain the same impact over people, and hence, it opened the door for another trend, i.e. a Video Resume.


After Paper Resumes failed to maintain the same reputation as it had earlier, video resumes came into the market. People have decided to turn over the traditional paper resume format into something unique which can actually interest the other person. A traditional resume has a negative point that it is more or like the same and it cannot be creatively crafted.

In the modern era, where technology has made tremendous changes in the day-to-day lives of everybody, there are so many latest tools and techniques that can help in crafting the best and creative resume in video format.

A video resume is a perfect short video made by a professional for recruitment purposes that contain your information, including a brief biography, your professional achievements, and skills. However, if at any point you skipped mentioning any of your crucial information; it will become difficult for you to stand out among other job applicants, as the foremost goal of making the video resume is to draw the employer’s attention towards you.

Although an employer cannot wholly rely on a video resume because he cannot watch the video many times to get your information, he must need a printed version of your resume. No matter how much trending a video resume is currently, it cannot be depended on in the future due to its lack of updating capability.


As Video Resumes are not a completely reliable portfolio for individuals due to its inability of getting updated concerning your fresh achievements, it is gradually losing its value in the market. Therefore, a new version of the portfolio has been brought to light which is far better than the traditional and video resumes and considered as the future ready product. The Digital Portfolio embraces a wide variety of information about an individual consolidated on the web, which is easy, secure, and can be shared in any media formats digitally.

Unlike traditional and video resumes, digital portfolios can be updated easily anywhere, any time. If you forget to add some crucial facts, you can again go to the portfolio and add those details easily. A digital portfolio is very much in demand in the industrial sector because you can preserve and present your whole career history in the Digital Portfolio without worrying about the size of the information, unlike a traditional resume, where you have to compress your details into one or two pages.

Digital portfolios help individuals in developing soft skills, which articulate their experience and present them more effectively and creatively. Unlike traditional and video resumes, Digital Portfolios allow individuals to include different media resources, thereby making this type of portfolio the ideal requirement for students and working professionals to showcase their skills and accomplishments.

Indian0 is the first AI-enabled digital platform that introduces Digital Portfolio. As we are moving towards digitization, Digital Portfolio is what making us support the digital India initiative as well. Also, it helps us save paper and avoid irrelevant expenses include in management of a paper resume or video resume. In fact, using a digital portfolio one can also keep a copy of physical resume attached to the cloud system and include video resume to the portfolio section which makes it one-stop solution for everyone.

Indeed, digital portfolio is what makes you a future ready candidate!