The Importance Of Self Care In Digital Work

The recent switch to remote working has brought many positive changes, including greater flexibility and less time wasted on long journeys. There is a false statement being made regarding digital work that it is “easier” than work in the office. However, it is important not to adopt the misleading assumption that a digital work environment eliminates much of our work stress.

The increased levels of stress and anxiety, even in small proportion, can have a lasting impact on physical and mental health, affecting the cardiovascular system, decreased immunity, and more. Therefore, it is crucial to understand self-care and engage the same as much as possible.

When an individual engages in any activities, related to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, to relax or attain emotional well-being is referred to as self-care. These self-care activities bring us pleasure and peace, allowing us to refuel and recharge with energy. Self-care gives us energy and nourishes our souls. Let us discuss some of the vital components of self-care that one should adopt:

• Taking a walk out of your workspace is a great way to clear your mind and feel fresh. It not only improves your overall physical health but also boosts your natural health.

• It has been found that sitting for long hours can destroy your health. Therefore, it is advisable to do some exercise after every few minutes of work.

• Try to do meditation at least for fifteen minutes a day as it increases your focusing power.

• Try to learn new skills as it is a great way to reduce stress and can increase confidence and creativity, leading to overall greater quality of life.

• Connecting with people is also one of the essential ways of self-care. It is important to connect with other people who support you and who you feel comfortable being your most authentic self.

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