CV / Resume V/S Digital Portfolio
CV / Resume V/S Digital Portfolio

Posted on 21 May 2020 | by Ananya Gupta

The world is updating with such a terrific speed that upgrading oneself from old traditional techniques to new high tech methods automatically becomes a humungous task. People are still making great efforts to change themselves. Now, life is no more about going to office with your resume and applying for jobs. It became convenient using apps, surfing via websites and what not! But one finds that you still carry those white sheets with some printed black words, don't you? Would those CV's still do justice to your profile? I don't think so. Well, you're there in the 21st century, and we have a solution. Why not to go digital? INDIAN0 is a firm, which provides you with a digital CV/RESUME.

In a world where even services are provided through Internet till when you will be carrying a folder with your documents? What if you left them in train or bus or a Metro? What if you spilt coffee over them? Arrghhh! That would be your reaction, isn't it? So, we provide you with a QR or URL where your Digital portfolio will be secured with AI's. Share your digital CV's/ Resume within a blink to over 42 official platforms. Those paper CV's won't suffice to showcase your talent, your work, your skills. Having lost those important documents can upset you as well as get you involved in long tedious procedures to get your duplicates. Well, digital portfolio will remain safe until your last breathe and one can access only when you provide permission. Your only asset are your documents. You don't compromise with its security then, why here?

It is now the right time to switch to digital portfolio over CV's/ Resumes. A one-time investment can provide you a long term intangible asset of credibility on your tangible assets. Paper has a life though protected under high vigilance can't be stopped from turning yellow! Why not to go safe? Calculate your benefits of having a digital portfolio over CV's/ Resumes. I tell you there are many! Maintaining a hard copy of those CV's. Updating them from time-to-time, getting their photocopies and much more! Well, INDIAN0 provides you with a facility of screening important details from those to whom you don't want to share your details. Your monotonous black and white CV's /Resumes becomes so captivating that one can't resist to go through it.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Go, get yourself a digital portfolio at an affordable price and get rid of those recurring expenses of maintaining a traditional CV. Where Aryabhatta gave you a great invention of '0'. We provide you with a new idea of digital portfolio.

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