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View our user's top stories here. All the heroes behind the success of Indian0. Who are our Mr. 0 and Ms. 0? These are little snippets about their experience, thoughts, feelings about the concept of Zero and how and why they have decided to become Mr. 0 or Ms. 0

Get to know what inspired them all to join the league of the powerful and inspiring Zero.

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Ms. 0 - Aarti Yadav

Researcher, Delhi - Love to write for Medical Patients

Indian0 is just not a concept. It is a journey of my life which has inspired me to become a part of this initiative and has motivated me to help people in planning their life thus gives me a feeling of contentment. Being Ms.0 is an amazing experience in itself and it has refined my overall personality. I write for Medical Patients.

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Mr. 0 - Nitesh Sharma

IT Professional, Delhi - Love to Write for Senior Citizens

Indian0 was introduced into my life in a casual meeting but it made me look at life differently. To be Mr0 was a challenging task for me but once I started it has been an awesome experience meeting so many people, helping them to plan and preserve their memories. Its a beautiful and amazing, life enhancing concept.

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Ms. 0 - Charu Lata Singh

Student, Delhi - Love to write for Any Age Group

Indian0 is a very beautiful and amazing concept. It is unique and very close to my heart. I am overwhelmed whenever I write stories of people. So many of them have no one to listen to them and want be heard. You can store and cherish the memories of anyone, elders, parents, children etc. Trace the journey of your loved ones. I want to be Ms.0 because it's the best thing to nurture and hold on to. It gives you love, courage and strength.

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Mr. 0 - Vaibhov Agarwal

IT Professional, Delhi - Like to write for Senior Citizens

I found Indian0 to be a very amazing concept and feel proud to be a part of it via wearing a cap of Mr. 0. It is seriously a revolutionary concept where I found a purpose by helping others write their lifetime events. Another part is that I love to spend my free time with senior citizens for whom I assist to preserve their dreams. This is seriously a life changer concept. I feel blessed.

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Ms. 0 - Chetna Madan

IT Professional, Gurgaon - Like to write for Any Age Group

"The more we work to help others get ahead, the more we begin to enjoy the life we are living." I always believed in this and I'm grateful to Indian0 for helping me to live by these words.

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Indian0 is a great concept which helped me to put all my dreams in a nutshell in a box and helped me futher strengthen my family bonds. It's a life time opportunity worth involving with!
-Working Professional

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