Resume /CV Vs Digital Portfolio
Resume /CV Vs Digital Portfolio

Himanshu Posted on 01 Jan 1970

Digital Portfolio Vs Resume or CV :- 

Nowadays we see that , whenever we go for joining a job or go for an interview , so we carry our resume or CV . 

Which contains the information about us like - personal , academic , qualification , skills and etc . But it is just a paper only , which we carry , just with our photo only .

But if I tell about the Digital Portfolio , so it is just like a digital resume or CV . Just on a digital platform , in which you can manage your complete profile like ( personal + academic + skills ,etc ) with attractive creativity as you want to create it .

It just like act as your personality , which shows your personality , actually who you are ? .

It is the Digital Platform only or a digital resume that's it only , which is access by yourself , with its web URL and QR scan and many types of interesting benefits which you get .

If once you show , this Digital Portfolio to someone , so that person attract towards you and your digital portfolio . Which is digitally designed .

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