CV v/s Digital Portfolios
CV v/s Digital Portfolios

Vinisha Posted on 01 Jan 1970

  We are the generation of digitization. If we see the world 10 years ago, it has changed almost 360 degrees in terms of technology. You just think of anything and you will get that just by sitting at your home whether shopping globally or ordering your food in midnight or transfer of money from one account to another and the list continues. Each and every industry is going on a digital platform.

            Going digital is the basic need of the hour. The one and the recent reason for the same is the ongoing pandemic i.e. COVID 19. The only businesses that boomed during this is the one those were there on digital platform. One more reason is that going digital saves a lot of time of people. The whole concept of going digital has changed the living standards of people. Also, now we can see that all interviews for corporate or any other industry is going online. So why not change with world and take our portfolios or CV's on digital platform? YES!! A DIGITAL PORTFOLIO. This is the new normal as meetings are virtual now therefore you cannot take your paper CV's to HR.

          Isn't it sounds good? Getting rid of your monotonous black and white CV's, as the digital portfolio allows you to create and customize your own portfolio beautifully. You can make it as vibrant as you want and as attractive as you want. Add as many achievements as you can, as there is no limitations of paper like in CV's. HR don't like to read long and lengthy CV's. The one of major plus point of DP is that you can add videos and photos to it if you want to showcase your talent. DP also allows you to add your social media accounts link to it. The recruiter is just a click away from your account which is not at all possible with paper CV. The DP can make you stand out from you competitors. Every industry have the requirement of CV's or portfolio, so why not going digital with it?

          Phew!! There is lot more to it. DP ace in all the aspects over CV's. The HR can also get to know more about you and your talents that will surely be positive side for your selection. So why to wait? Get your DP today from Indian0 because I AM FUTURE READY WTH INDIAN0, ARE YOU??

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