CV v/s Digital Portfolios
CV v/s Digital Portfolios

Posted on 01 Jan 1970

               We are the generation of digitization. When we see the world 10 years before and now it has changed almost 360 degree. Everything you can think of is now got digitalized. Whether its shopping across the globe or ordering the food at midnight or transfer of money from one account to another, everything can be done by sitting at your home. This is the magic of technology. The world has now become a more better to live in.

              Going digital is the basic need of the hour. The covid-19 pandemic has hit the world very hard. Almost all the businesses got affected with it except one which are on digital platform. More people shifted towards digital as this is new normal now. One more thing needs to be digitalized which is the basic necessity or we can say requirment of each end every industry, from corporate to bollywood. Can anyone guess what I am talking about? Okay!! So i am talking about CV's and portfolios. Yes you heard it right a DIGITAL PORTFOLIO!! You can stand out from your fellow competitors by creating your own Digital Portfolio and get rid from your boring black and white paper CV's .

               If you see from a point of view of an HR, going through so many black and white, 3-4 page CV's per day is very monotonous and hectic job. So why not shift on a creative and beautiful digital portfolio. digital portfolios has great number of advantages over CV. Like CV's are boring black and white paper while digital portfolio is colorful and creative idea to deliver your deatils. The most important point which i like personally is that in DP we can showcase our talent and achievements through sharing videos and photos which is not at all possible with CV's. You can easily share our portfolio with anyone across the world by just one click. DP makes it easy to show all your talents without concern of increasing number of pages as in the case of CV's. You can also attach the links to all your social media accounts in DP, so the recruiter is just a click away from your profiles. DP's are highly secure and very less memory consuming. You can also customize it in our own way and whenever you want.

             PHEW!! just name any aspect and DP will win over CV. DP can help you to set a unique and a different impression on anyone you share it with and increase the chances of winning over all your fellow competitors So what are you waiting for? Get your Digital Portfolio ASAP!!

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