Subhanshi Posted on 01 Jan 1970

CV (curriculum vitae) is a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications for a job opportunity. Whenever we talk about CV its just one image that hits in peoples mind is like, A 4 size sheet with specific format, that is physically present with the CV holder. Which contain persons detail, skills summary, work experience, education and training, hobbies etc.
When we talk about Digital portfolio it’s a compilation of materials that exemplifies your beliefs, skills, qualifications, educations, training, and experiences. it provides insight into your personality and work ethic along with the usual resume.
Digital portfolio are much more detailed than resumes and require a large time investment to create.
While a resume is one or two pages long at most, a portfolio is presented in a professional, it allows for an in-depth showcasing of your experience and skills. Portfolios aren’t mean to replace resumes, but rather to enhance them and representing yourself well.
A portfolio is more powerful than a thousand words. It is the best mechanism for differentiating people and what they can do. I encourage anyone serious about breaking through the clutter to start curating their careers and collecting evidence of their skills and abilities in a portfolio. It’s one of the most enduring ways of communicating and customizing what you know to multiple audiences in both private and public ways.
Who needs digital portfolio??
Although a digital portfolio is a requisite for any creative field, it can also come in handy for anyone in any field who wants to display the work they have done so far. It is obviously helpful if you work in graphic design, modelling, writing, content creation, photography, and so on. But it is also a good document to invest in for a vast variety of individuals, including but not limited to UX / UI designers, tutors, publishing agents, or those in logistics. Additionally, it is a great way to share the potential application of your skill set.
Who needs resumes??
• Anyone who is currently in job search knows the confusion and uncertainty in developing an effective resume.
• Students who are in search of internship opportunities and recent college graduates face the same dilemma.
Digital portfolio can be used to supplement your resume. Online learning platform are given more importance and its same with online selection process. Mailing a Resume to the recruiter show him only the written format of your activities, skills, certifications etc. when we create a digital portfolio I will not only show your resume details also the images, link, of your activities performed .


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