CV/Resume vs. Digital Portfolio.
CV/Resume vs. Digital Portfolio.

Nivedha Posted on 01 Jan 1970

In early days a Bio-data was used by the candidates while applying for jobs and interviews. It used to contain details which include only the personal information like name, date of birth, address and so on. During those days only that information about a person was more than enough for the job. But as years passed by everything is completely changed little by little. Because change is permanent. The bio-data were replaced by advanced curriculum vitae. This curriculum vitae included details like name, educational qualifications, work experience and so on. The CVs also got modified and the CVs now the recruiters wanted is to look more and more professional. It is not necessary to include the personal details and all the recruiters wanted is to see the skill set and talents of a person that must be displayed as professional information. 

Nowadays a complete revolution has happened in almost all the industries. Everything is digitized and everything is available on digital platforms. We are entering into a Digital world. Either it may be the education or food or groceries, everything is available online. People need not worry about the availability of products and services at their location. They can avail anything at their doorstep with just a mere click.

In this digital age, a black and white resume in Microsoft Word is an analogue solution to explaining your career. A digital portfolio is a modern solution for career professionals who desire to distinguish themselves from the herd.

Digital portfolio is a Digital platform where an individual can display his personal and professional details. It shows who an individual is, his/her interests, skills and talents. It supports any files of any formats. We can add a photocopy or a scanned copy of our certificates, audios, videos and other documents. It is very easy to use and upload. It is accessible on any devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 

It easily answers the following questions:

 * What have you done before?

 * Are you better than everyone else?

 * How do we know you can do it again?

 * What kinds of results can you provide?

 * What do other people have to say about you?

You can create a positive first impression with prospective employers through a portfolio, especially if it’s available online, as it can help bring your career history to life. Creating an online career portfolio is relatively simple and enables a wider audience to have visibility of your skills and experience.

From an employer's perspective, a professional portfolio indicates that you’re self-reflective and proactive in terms of your development. They can easily go through the candidate's details with just some few clicks. From a user point of view, it is easy to showcase all the works on a single platform. They can even add the links of their social media profiles here.

On comparing the regular CV and future-ready Digital portfolio, a Digital Portfolio is limitless and endless. It is a highly secured and safe platform. Unlike traditional paperwork CV, we don't have to carry a folder everywhere we go. There might be chances of losing the paper documents. But this won't happen in a digital portfolio. It's very simple to use and share. We can even have control on our data confidentiality and privacy which allows us to make our digital portfolio private and no one will be able to access it and also we can make it password protected.

Indian0 is an artificial intelligence-based platform where they are creating awareness about this Digital Portfolio to the students through the students' community itself.

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