Studitect – The Study Architect ‘ A Modern Way’
Studitect – The Study Architect ‘ A Modern Way’

STUDITECT Posted on 01 Jan 1970



Advocate Kashika Adlakha  is working on start ups since 2015. She has worked with many startups. She mentor and guide them to achieve the best. Lot of start ups be it a new comer or well established names have been in her kitty. She carries a positive aura and is all ready to help others.

Despite being an Advocate by profession, her urge to sink in business made her start one of the fashion brand named as ” Kashikaz ” in 2016. She did really well and in no time started getting lot of whole sellers to purchase her designs. But eventually all was destructed as she landed up with a wrong marketing company. This made her loose lot of money and time.

But without loosing any hope…before even shutting down Kashikaz she started co-working in Delhi with two of her partners. She always give the ignition credit to her partners ” Karan Chawla ” and Jatin Nagpal. In her talk with us she aver that it is Fume Coworking only which changed her life in all aspects. The hardships, team work, the difficulty to boot strap all build her up into a fine entrepreneur today.

She can never thank God enough for it. Now Fume is coming up with its second branch in Gurugram this coming month.

Now she is all set and ready to take another solopreneur initiative. She wanted to do this as she totally believes that business is not about profit only …you ought to understand and work upon what society needs and wants. Thus after lot of research and interaction with many psychologists and therapist she proudly developed the modern study way..and as studying is one of the art only she decided to name it Studitect the study architect.

About Studitect:

The efforts to bring in Studitect were prevalent from 2017 but because of interactions and research we could get it on table just few months back only.

There were lot of factors which led to the birth of modern study way. It was named Studitect aiming to convey the message that nothing is difficult ,it is just the way you do it. The founder started her research on it and was really disheartened to find a coaching institute in every nook and corner…The gloominess was not because Studitect will have to face lot of competition but was on the method.the fear the comments which were used to teach a child. A student studying there start getting frustrated and eventually end up cooking stories to not go to the class. He or she just study because of fear and at no point realises that studies are for his or her future only.

This irony prevalent everywhere made her start this modern way. She met many child psychologists and with their help build up this study mechanism. She was really shattered seeing college students failing in exam just because of silly break up. Studitect’s whole aim is to make students strong, mature and responsible. It aver that you ought to first understand a child and then only he or she can understand the importance of studying.

It has teachers who work with it on part time.Thus the institute at some point also help in generating employment for pass out students. Despite of lot of part time teachers, institute has many experts connected with it.

Aim is to enroll lot of psychologists and experts  on Studitect panel to mentor students as well as parents.

Services At Studitect:

Studitect is a modern study way. It gives you or lay down a detailed study method for students. Studitect aims at saving childs time and also focusses to make him or her refresh and rejuvenated so that learning ability can increase and child can be developed wholly.

Studitect is a daring change to bring revolution in recent study mechanism. The one of the major objective is to make studying fun and easy for the that he or she never wish to study abroad. Thus curtailing brain drain.

Every subject at Studitect is taught with dance and music therapy by lot of other interactive means. Studitect is not just about studies. It is here to encapsulate a childs real potential in all aspects upto the best possible level.

Subjects We Cater To:

The major focus now is on all theory subjects be it at school or college level. The institute aims to bring lot of competitive exam preparation training soon.

All About Our USP- Detox Study Club:

In one of the recent Studitect event the team interacted with parents of special children. All  literally got tears hearing their stories, problems and how World is being unfair to them.

It was on these parents approval and demands only they are ready to start Detox Study Club. This club aims to interact and understand each child psychologically with music and dance therapies. It aims to rejenuvate a child from all study pressure which in turn will make him or her more interactive, responsive, rational and responsible person in a long run.

The club beautifully balances between the study curriculum..extra curricular activities..additional learning and study detox skills.

Just like process of detoxification clears your body…similarly at Detox Study Club…the study way is totally cleaned and updated as per latest trends and technology.

We claim it to be the best thing happened in any childs life. Trust us it is the one package every kid desires.

For more info- Stay tuned

Growth Plans:

We at Studitect religiously believe in our idea. We have full faith in our experts who have devised our modern study mechanism. Like earlier startup I want this one also to be bootstrapped.

Because it is not just about money. Start something..get investment.. grow it..sell it. & exit. For me this is my baby. I am here to help every child in many manner he or she requires. We aim to strengthen the backbone of our country- by strengthning and understanding these students. ( future of country)

We want to remove the fear that Indian padai is too tough and burdensome. Let us go abroad. Our aim is to stop brain drain.

Our growth plan is to slowly and eventually take this venture all over country. In remotest corners, in hype states and to weakest and poorest too.

( Our tie ups are going with many organisations which can help us go all over India)

At Studitect every child is equal. We pledge to encapsulate his or real potential that too in all aspects of life.

The best is it is a new concept we have no competitors to deal with.


My advice to budding entrepreneurs:

Just Do It. Never be disheartened..everything has a right time and it will definitely happen then.

Just be calm and patient. Start in taking a medicine called ” Positivity ” each day. Surround yourself with like minded positive people. Interact with them , teach them , learn from their mistakes and believe in your religion called ” Entrepreneurship”

My idea of building ” Fashion Hospital ” which I got in 2008 is still pending. Not because I cant but because I want to get it in the market only when it is fully ripe and solid.

Extra Advice:

Many ask me that we find it risky to pour our full idea in investment pitching events. Because of this fear we cannot pitch confidently.

To them I have single quote- Tajmahal ke ched ki tarah

share your idea… explain all about your Tajmahal but like this historical hole leave something , it can be anything which completes the idea.

( disclaimer- if you donot know about it google it or ping me)Then even if someone copy.. they cannot reach equivalent to your dream Idea.

At Last:

Studitect is one and only 24*7 modern study way by which a child can study anything..from anytime.No time restrictions, no burdensome homework.. a simple interactive psychologically powered music and dance therapy education platform.Access it online or offline..but do join the detox study club!

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