Time is winning us..is it??
Time is winning us..is it??

Charu Posted on 01 Jan 1970

Have you ever thought that damn I don't have time, I have to do this, do that....and running out of time? Certainly, everyone has faced this situation and it is pretty common. So my question is...Is it us or time??

Back in my childhood, my parents use to forcefully wake me up at 5 and do the studies to score good marks and follow the famous saying "Jaldi uthna aur kuch na khona".But later I came to realize that "Time is money" and its one thing which you get from no shop and no payments. 

Time is something which is very precious it's not made of any diamond or precious stones. Either its deadline, need, helpless, etc. Time does play an important role. For instance, If you are a girl and you reach an age...your parents start to worry about your marriage...that after a certain age you won't be able to find the perfect groom. If you are a boy..you need to take a stand and earn good, make your future bright so that you are eligible to marry. If you are a businessman/entrepreneurs you have to be trending...keep on coming with new projects and if you don't you will lose your market value.

So sometimes even if you do your work within the time and spare some time to yourself then some nasty people snatch that patience and valuable time from you. They don't care about the time that you already have invested and they still want your valuable time. And why should we waste our time for people who don't keep track of their time. We need to make sure that they don't and tell them straight on their face "Dare you waste my time and we are done".

Stop right now and do things according to your pace your availability and bonding with time. Because you want to make things work so that you could lead your life, make things happen on which your life and career depends..others won't understand the weight of your decision or ability to make things work. In the end, don't let anyone steal your magical and precious time and decision not even your parents or colleagues. It's your life, you should live on your terms and grow step by step. All the best!!!

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