Posted on 01 Jan 1970

In a job recruitment  process the candidates are screeened according to their cv/resume . They are shortlisted  through the effective resume they provide . A resume allows the recruiter to go through the candidates information and make a screening process to select the right candidate in the shortest time possible 

A resume generally uses  when one wants  to brief about their experiences and skills .Usually, the cv/ resume contains information about the recent projects that they undertook along with the basic personal information like name,contact information, and a brief information of hobbies  etc that will provide the reader with overall idea about a candidate for the job id they fit in the organization.  Cv/resume   should convince the recruiter for the recruitment of the candidate. 

Whereas, Digital portfolio  is a collection of samples of  work or activities which is shown to a prospective employer or recruiter in order to showcases one's work in action. Portfolio is similar  to resume in many ways. Like, resume you need to keep your portfolio up to date and relevant in time. The  portfolio also reflects recent works so that the prospective employer  can understand the current status and quality of work which is again same as resume.

 The main characteristics of Digital portfolio where it differs  from resume  is the tangibility factor. While in a resume one can add the type of work already done and currently pursuing,there is no sure short way to testify them in an interview scenario. But with the portfolio, the recruiter gets to see, feel and assess the quality of work  and make a better decision . This is also an advantage as the recruiter can  a better judgement which is free from biases or any absurd  assumptions.

Digital portfolio  is  helpful in those situations where the mere description of your work  does not give a proper  idea about your work.

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