Is Digital Portfolio better that CV or Resume?
Is Digital Portfolio better that CV or Resume?

Kanishka Posted on 01 Jan 1970

CV, Resume and Portfolio

Talking about Portfolio, it is a compilation material that reflects your beliefs, skills, qualifications, training and experiences. It provides an insight into your personality and also your work ethics. 

On the other hand, CV and resumes are overview of person's experience and other qualifications. Both CV and resume consist of person's personal details, qualification, skills, hobbies, etc. but the only difference between them is that resume is more summarized than CV where CV contains all the achievements and experience details, resume is simply focused on the skill sets that are required for a particular job profile.

How is Digital Portfolio better?

As they say, “Action speaks more than words”, same is the case with the Digital Portfolios. If a person is good at some technology or a language or any other skill, how would he prove it to the interviewer without being interviewed? Here comes the role of Digital Portfolios, they contains the evidence of all your abilities and skills, these evidence itself speaks about oneself giving him a leverage for future opportunities.

Static resumes on the other hand become an excuse for rejection by interviewers. Imagine spending a lot of time to make a perfect resume for a job profile, being an expert in lots of fields you still get rejected and someone with less competent skills get a thumbs up. In this scenario, where are you lagging? What’s the thing you did wrong? What makes the other get the job while you were in all ways better than him? The answer is, the proof, your skills and abilities have no proof of authentication, they can be a hoax in the eyes of interviewer, but the other selected guy with digital portfolio has all the evidences telling about himself along with giving an authentication proof.


As it’s evident that how digital portfolio can revolutionize your chances of getting into a company and how you may miss out a chance if for resume. But at current world scenario, whether you should go for a digital portfolio or stick to traditional CV and resume depends wholly upon the demand of the sector you are applying for. Most of the domains may not require a portfolio from you, but as they say, “The more the merrier”, there is a no harm in switching to digital portfolios, they’ll add stars to your profile and may give you a better chance to be shortlisted.

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