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After Surgical Strike in POK: India Puts Pak on Back Foot
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After Surgical Strike in POK: India Puts Pak on Back Foot

On 18th September four ravenous terrorists attacked in URI sector of Jammu & Kashmir.  In this cowardly attack, our 18 brave Indian soldiers killed just because of the attack happened in back. These terrorists were identified from POK and Pakistan again stabbed a knife in the back of Indian peaceful presentation. This attack was intolerable and Indian DGMO said that we are prepared for any kind of operation.

Prime Minister Narender Modi on 24th September also gave a fearless speech in Kerala and told Pakistani politicians that the sacrifice of our Martyr Indian soldiers would never be wasted. After four days of his speech, Indian army attacked the launch pads of Pakistani terrorists and destroyed their camps in huge numbers by crossing the line of control in POK. Almost 7 to 9 camps were destroyed and around 40 to 50 terrorists were killed in this operation.


This operation was happened in the late midnight of 28th September 2016 from 12.30 AM to 4.30 AM. In between this 4 hours operation, Indian soldiers took a revenge of URI sector attack on our soldiers, which Indians were demanding. The whole country and all political parties are happy and saying that we are with Government and Indian army because of this great brave step of Government and Indian army.  

The politicians of Pakistan including the Defense minister said that only firing was done by the Indian Army in which two Pakistani rangers were killed. They are denying the surgical strike operations done by the Indian army. PM of Pak is also stunned with the step of India. After this operation, they should understand clearly that Indians will never tolerate terrorism anyhow in any condition and this is the clear message given by the Indian Prime minister also to the whole world.  The security, integrity, and sovereignty of country are the first priority before anything. 

Indian armies all three parts (forces) are on alert now because this was the successful operation done by the special para commandos who conducted this operation on the soil of Pakistan in POK.

All are saying that Pakistan will also give the answer, but Director of Military operations of Indian Army said that we are ready to face any challenge/war from the neighbor country. The international border areas of J&K, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan are now being evacuated and leaves of all soldiers cancelled due to tensions at India-Pak borders. 

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