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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ's - Indian0

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indian0 Exactly ?
Indian0 is a platform where entrepreneurs can interact with each one while writing articles and showcasing their products and services besides being a subject matter experts.

Apart there are massive user engagement mediums like jobs, media & entertainment, education, online games, videos, presentations, tutorials, etc. to help generate leads without any cost.

Why the name is Indian0 ?
We basically follow the theme that 0 belongs to India & everybody is aware of the significance of 0 in our life. As nothing is valuable without 0, so we want to make INDIAN0 a platform which will most likely to have the same value & importance.

We are providing you an opportunity to Grow your business with zero marketing investment.

What is the concept ?
To provide an engagement platform for entrepreneurs and visitors leading to generation of revenue and building brand.