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World Heart Day and Maintain Your Heart with Yoga
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World Heart Day and Maintain Your Heart with Yoga

Heart is one of the essential organs of our body. However, there are so many people who are not paying proper attention towards their health and especially “Heart”.  Today is “World Heart Day” and here you will know how to maintain or keep your heart healthy for a long time via Yoga, Meditation and practice.  Nowadays, the fastest lifestyle and sedentary paced tensions affects our heart drastically. Yoga, practice, and meditation help in maintaining body, mind, soul and also a heart.

Thanks to the quick and sitting lifestyles that many of us are forced to live, in our list of priorities health has taken an invisible back seat. Rather than living healthy and eating balanced diet people are more indulged in meetings and deadlines. Most of the times we often forget to take a deep breath because we do not know how valuable is our lives.  Due to this, the patients of mental and physical health are increasing day by day. People are failing in simple medical health checkups. Heart problems, hypertension, depression, mental disorders and cholesterol are increasing day by day because of our decreasing standards of living.

However, the tradition of Yoga, meditation and spiritual exercises and their sessions are coming up to make people more conscious about their health and life. Anyone can try different Yoga postures, meditation practices, and techniques while sitting at home.  For that, we only need a few time from our busy schedule. With these postures, you can make your lifestyle more flexible and simple.


1). Veerabhadrasana (Warrior pose)

This warrior type pose helps to improve your stamina and maintain a balance in the body. It also helps in releasing stress and keeps your heart rate balanced.  This Yoga posture is very much helpful for those who are doing desktop job/backend job or any kind of sitting work.

2). Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

The triangle pose involves deep breathing, chest expansion, and stretching etc. In this asana, the body moves in the triangle shape that’s why it is known as Trikonasana. It is highly recommended for pregnant women. It increases the stamina of body, reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

3). Paschimottanasana (Two-legged bend forward):

This is also known as the resting posture where you will have to sit forward and bend the head lower along with hands towards feet. In this case, the rate of heart and respiration reduces gives you relax and concentration.


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