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Android Phone Battery Draining Problem
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Android Phone Battery Draining Problem and Solution

Almost every android user is suffering from battery draining problem. Nowadays mobile phone is not just a gadget but it’s a part of our daily life. We cannot survive a single day without it. Battery draining is a very big problem facing by smartphone users.  So, we have to do something about it.

Well, it’s not the very difficult thing to do. Slow charging and too many unused apps are one of the problems Android phones have with poor battery performance.


Some points that you should take care of battery draining problem:

 1. Uninstall unnecessary apps - First of all you need to uninstall those apps that are not useful to you. People always keep their phone full of useless apps that are one of the reasons of battery drain so fast because many apps are always running in the background and consuming battery.

2. Use original charger - Slow charging can affect on battery. You should always use original charger to charge the device. Duplicate charger charges very slow and it slowly destroys your battery. And one more thing doesn't overcharge your device.

3. Screen - You should switch off auto-brightness mode and shorten your screen timeout or sleep mode. It also consumes battery.

4. Notification, Sync, and GPS - These little things can really drain your smartphone battery. Turn off notification of apps that are not useful. Getting real-time updates of what's going on in your apps like email or social networks are useful but it affect on battery. Turn off auto-sync because whenever your device is connected through internet Sync will be continue and also battery goes down will continue. Also, don’t forget to turn off GPS.

5. Don’t Use Vibration - Using vibration for incoming call alert and notifications use a lot of battery. The vibration is used to shake the whole phone which needs lots of power. Alternatively, it is recommended to use ringtone mode for call notifications. If you do not like using ringtones, you can use silent mode and keep your mobile insight where you can see incoming calls.

6. Keep Updated - Always update your device (android version) and apps. Software companies keep fixing in software performance, including how an efficient battery is used.

  Do not use your device when a battery is less than 10%. It reduces too much radiation when a battery is low that is very harmful to your health.

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